Thursday, August 18, 2011

My birthday

Another Year older, wow time goes by so very fast. I have Decided that with this my 25th birthday I would like to resolve to do better with my blog. I have decided this due to all the birthday wishes and love that I received from my family and friends on face book that made me so very happy and yet so sad that we miss out on so much of each others lives. I want to do better at keeping in touch.

My Birthday was really a great one This year. Dahr always goes above and beyond to make my birthdays good but his year I think he really tried hard and he did a great job. Saturday we went to sun splash, a local water park that I have grown up going to. Dahr and I and 3 other couples all went together, Amanda and Jacob, Bryan and Victoria, and John and Noni. We went Saturday evening to what they call night splash, it's less money then doing the whole day and you don't have to worry about getting toasted in the sun. It was a really great time. I'm sure we were the oldest group of people there that didn't have kids with them.

Sunday morning on my actual Birthday we just took it easy around the house. At 1 we went to church together and Dahr taught our Sunday school class an awesome lesson on the disciples of Christ. After church we went to my parents house where Dahr with help from my mom and sister Aubrey made an awesome chicken fettucini with grilled vegetables and cheesy tomato bread dinner. My older sister Amanda brought an awesome salad to go with dinner. After we were done eating my mom gave me a wonderful foot soak and foot massage, it was so sweet of her. My niece Moly was very interested in helping. We kept telling her to be careful because the water was hot and then she would tell me "no Dray hot" every time I put my feet in the water.

Dahr had made me an amazing home made cheese cake on Saturday and I had made some home made red velvet cup cakes with a cream cheese frosting Sunday morning so after dinner and a foot rub we had everyone come over to our place for desert. My whole family came with the exception of my Dad who wasn't feeling well. Dahrs Parents and sister Dala came, and my best Friend Victoria and her family. WE ate all the delicious desert and spent time together, it was a great evening. I got some awesome gifts and I am so grateful to everyone for them. I am ver blessed to have so many great people in my life that really care about me, I would like to just thank them all for helping to make my birthday a very good one.


Rogers Family said...

Wow! Sounds like the perfect birthday!