Monday, April 20, 2009

My photography

My photography business is starting to really pick up. Between that and Hair I keep my self Very busy, I really love it though. Photography is something that I have always loved and been interested in but it's just been the last 3 years that I have really gotten into making something out of it. I have done quite a few weddings and have more coming up. I don't really advertise that I'm in the photography business so most of my clients I've gotten just form happy customers word of mouth, which I would say is the best way to build a clientele. I have had plenty of new baby pictures to do lately with all our friends and family expanding. It's also the time of year for senior pictures which I really enjoy doing. I have done all the pictures on my blog and you you can check out my photo blog to see more.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Graduation 2009

Dahrs "little" brother is graduating from high school this year. Deven is a great young man, I can't believe how quickly he has become so. Growing up in a home where you are the youngest of five by such a large margin I can't imagine to be easy, but he has managed to do a fine job of it. Through all his hard times that he has faced, the ones he still faces, and the many more that will come his way, he has and will continue to be shaped into the strong man that I know he will be. He has a full ride scholarship to the Engineering program at ASU for the fall so we are all very proud of him. He is currently looking for work so if anyone knows of anything let me know and I'll pass on the word. I am glad to have Deven as my brother inlaw. He is a strong young man.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Our Wedding

After almost 4 years of Marriage I decided it was about time that I started my wedding scrapbook. Dahr and I were married June 4th 2005, it was a beautiful Saturday morning those in attendance say it was quite hot but I don't recall. I was so happy to be marrying such a wonderful man in the most beautiful and perfect place.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Im going to be an aunt!

My older sister Amanda and her husband Jacob are going to have a Baby. Amanda announced their exciting news just about 2 weeks ago, everyone is very happy especially my parents seeing as this will be the first grandchild. The end of November is when we will be expecting the new addition to the family. Its crazy how fast time flies by it seems like only yesterday Amanda and I were in elementary school. Life is an amazing journey!

My little Bro is leaving.

My little brother Kelson got his mission call. He is going to Halifax Canada. May 27th 2009 is the beginning of his 2 year journey. Kelson is a great kid and he will be an awesome missionary. The family will greatly miss him, he does so much for all of us it will be hard to get along with out him. What a great opportunity it is for him to grow and gain life experience, I'm so happy he is getting this experience.