Tuesday, August 25, 2009

My Summer of Travel

This is a supper old post that for some reason I never posted, so here it is.

I can't believe that is August is almost over! Wow how the summer has flown. I feel like I have been away more then I've been home this summer. I have quite the summer of Travel.

My vacations began with an awesome trip to Disneyland in June. It was my little sister Aubrey's birthday and Disney land was doing a get in free on your Birthday promotion this year so I decided to plan a trip to take her. We made it a girls trim my Mom and my two sisters, Amanda and Aubrey, and I all went. My mom hadn't been in 26 years and it was Aubrey's first time so it was quite the adventure. We also spent a day at the beach while we were in beautiful California. It was a great way to start my summer.

At the end of June Dahr and I were invited by some of our Dear Friends to come and spend a week with them on their house boat at Lake Powell. Unfortunately we couldn't get a whole week off so we had to settle for four days. It was so amazing! I love getting out and enjoying this beautiful world that our Father in Heaven has created for us. We spent our time there boating and jet skiing and building our relationships with great friends. Awesome trip

July 4th Dahr and I went camping with his family up at Mount Gram, which is just out side Saford Arizona. Camping with Dahrs Family was a first for us in our Marriage, we go camping with my family all the time but we had never done a camp out with the Dietrich's. Mount Gram is a beautiful mountain it's is thick with pines and aspens and dotted by lakes and streams.

It was just a short camping trip and sadly we got a little rained out, but it was still a good time. We brought our dogs and I think the really struggled with the rain. On the 4th we packed up camp and headed down to Saford where Dahrs grandparents and an Aunt and Uncle live . we had a Family bbq and went to the most amazing fire work show. It was a great Trip!

At the end of July I went to visit my friend Posey in Indiana. I wont write to much about that because I already blogged about that trip. I had a great time and love the opportunity to strengthen friendships with the people I love.

This month In August we got to make a quick trip up to Utah for a wedding that was just beautiful and as always we love seeing every one there. The day we got home from Utah we had to hed up to Sedona for three nights in a beautiful resort. We love it there the views are beautiful and its always nice to have a place close to home to get away to. We hiked walked through all the cool shops and just really had a great time.Finishing off the month we had a quick weekend trip down t0 to Rocky Point Mexico, even if only for a few days I love a chance to get to the beach.

We have one last Travel for this summer, we are doing a Mexico cruise in September that I cant wait for, it should be a great way to end an awesome summer.